New Album (2014-10-24)

Following their self-titled debut album, No Brain Cell present their new record, Monuments, available electronically by MelissaMusic. True to its progressive and art rock roots, the band broadens its sonic horizons employing a rich influence and reference base, in what amounts to an intrinsically compositional approach: musical motifs get introduced, evolve, and transform, thus illustrating the balance between intellectuality and lyricism that is characteristic of works by their creator and a ...see more

Thomas Petrou interview (2014-11-16)

1.Please tell us and the readers a bit about you and your band No Brain Cell and the individual members.

Considering that my relation with this group, started many years ago, I would divide this time into three periods.
I would say that the first period was a phase of general search of identification, direction, and even of taking the decision whether to communicate with the audience through English or Greek lyrics.
At that time we were "experimen ...see more