New Album

Following their self-titled debut album, No Brain Cell present their new record, Monuments, available electronically by MelissaMusic. True to its progressive and art rock roots, the band broadens its sonic horizons employing a rich influence and reference base, in what amounts to an intrinsically compositional approach: musical motifs get introduced, evolve, and transform, thus illustrating the balance between intellectuality and lyricism that is characteristic of works by their creator and arranger, Thomas Petrou. The album was recorded in Dani Joss’ studio with the participation of 13 musicians.

No Brain Cell are already known from their particularly successful Porcupine Tree tribute shows, which culminated to them being the supporting act to the same band for their concert in Thessaloniki, an occasion that marked Steven Wilson’s birthday, this time presenting their own material. With a renewed member composition, they are now preparing a series of live concerts with material from Monuments, as well as their first album.

Monuments is available from iTunes, Amazon, and other e-music stores, and is accompanied by a pdf booklet that can be downloaded from the band’s website at The album’s first music video for the epilogue-piece Fable of the Dreamers is also available on Youtube.


Posted on : 2014-10-24